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Now You Can Listen to Earl Pitts whenever you want 
Ever wished you could listen to Earl wherever or whenever you wanted?
Earl Pitts Here,

It's funny... I get these types of questions all the time. 

Hey Earl, what happened - why aren't you on my favorite station anymore? 

Hey Earl, they changed formats to some Taylor Swift station and your not on it anymore.

Hey Earl, I can't listen to you at 5am can you send me your last commentary? 

What was that bit you did about the bearded cat the Earl Junior brought home and... it goes on and on. 

So now if your local station doesn't carry it anymore, your country station changed formats, your wife won't let you listen to Earl in the car or you moved to somewhere that doesn't get Earl Pitts. American commentaries - I have great news.

You can subscribe and login to get the latest Earl Pitts commentary before everyone else has a chance to listen. 

Every Earl Pitts episode is uploaded and ready to listen to every morning before 1am EST (Eastern Standard Time) 
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Listening to Earl anytime , Anywhere is as easy as clicking  below and filling out the form.
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That's right if you act now you will get to listen to Earl Pitts. American Radio Bits for the introductory price of $2.99 a month*.
*if purchased at the yearly subscription rate
Step #3: Enjoy   Listening to Earl on any device 
Once you're signed up you'll be able to listen to all your Earl commentaries from "brand new" uploaded everyday to past favorites. 
Sample Some of Earl's Favorite Commentaries
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ONE TIME OFFER ($5.95) : MADE IN THE USA usually sells for $12.95 on Amazon but you can get it now at this EXCLUSIVE OFFER of $5.99. Created from the hundreds of commentaries he does every year. MADE IN THE USA is pure comedy genius plucked directly from current events... sometimes reality is much funnier than fantasy. This compilation is a testament to that philosophy.

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